Comprised of accomplished professionals, Pacific Coast Trust has over 15 years of experience in providing individuals and families across the nation with the latest in education and information about Living Trusts, Asset Preservation, and Estate Planning techniques. Together we have assisted thousands of individuals and families with their Living Trust needs.

Working with one of the nation’s largest estate planning law firms, Pacific Coast Trust offers top-of-the-line fully customized Living Trusts. The Portfolio of Documents produced by this team of attorneys has consistently prevailed in Probate Court and has saved our clients over $18 billion dollars in Estate Taxes and Probate Fees since 1984.

The process of creating a living trust
can be broken down into three steps:

Narrowing down choices for Trustees, Powers of Attorneys, Guardians and Beneficiaries
Creating your Revocable Living Trust documents
Transferring your assets into your Revocable Living Trust

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